La Venessiana Atelier offers e-courses and books on healthy food, beauty products, perfumery and natural remedies based on original recipes of the Spice Merchants during the times of the Republic of Venice (421 – 1797). Since June 2015, we also run La Venessiana Blog dedicated to Venetian lifestyle and spice food. You can see many colorful pictures of spices, carpets, drapings and mosaics on this website. Seasonal pictures which we style according to season and ancient Venetian traditions. The benefit of growing up in Venice is getting a full-time immersion into an incredibly inspiring environment and useful historical business concepts at no cost.

While in Venice, all you need is open your eyes to the wonderful palazzi and humane urban settings, and consciously take in your special surrounding. It’s a unique environment that was built with the future in mind. Campi, Calli, an own, ancient language resounding on the street signs. This is the backstage to what was once a huge success in Europe – the business of the Merchants of Venice. While we can’t translate many business concepts of the past into the present and future, there are still plenty of inspiration and useful concrete ideas to take up and implement in our times.

One of these ancient Venetian concept is using spices to enhance personal and public wellbeing. La Venessiana, initiated in 2015 by two Venetian women, recreates ancient spice mixtures to help us benefit from ancient Venetian spices in our world by using them to cook, make beauty products, perfumery and natural remedies. It’s certainly helpful to know a little bit more about nutrition and health and thus lead a more self-determined and self-sufficient life.

And, in a second step, repristinating useful ancient knowledge on business concepts, and translating it, where needed, to the needs of our times. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t learn from the Republic of Venice, an economic superpower for more than 800 years. We take a close look behind the scenes of the immense economic success of the Merchants of Venice. Especially in Venice, with so many small businesses present in town, you can still see how these simply but so powerful concepts may still work to help lead people successful and satisfied lives. There’s so much we can learn from them.

While La Venessiana comes to you as a Venice Travel and LIfestyle Blog, complete with a Welcome Kit + Workbook for the First-Time and Frequent Traveler, we have also set up a recipe section – La Venessiana Food – where we put into practice how we use the spices. And from December 2017, we also share our knowledge of 20 years intensive research and application in e-courses and e-books and in workshops in Venice.